For many job seekers, searching for jobs is a daunting task. From applying for jobs to attending interviews, challenges are inevitable. Problems encountered differ, for some, it is the lack of consideration for interviews. Others who were invited for an interview didn’t eventually get hired. Frustration sets in after many trials, but if there is no struggle, there is no progress according to Frederick Douglass.

7 steps to getting hired quickly


Tailor your CV to a more specific job role

Your CV is your marketing tool, ensure it markets you as the best candidate. Fine-tune your CV to include the skills, experience and qualifications that the employers are looking for. If your CV is inadequate, you stand no chance of getting hired. CV writing can be overwhelming but the good news is that help is available. Read my article and learn step by step how to write a good CV here


Write a precise and detailed cover letter

Your cover letter is an additional opportunity to communicate with an employer. It should address the information not already in your CV such as why you are applying for the position, your availability and how you intend to thrive in the role if considered.

Apply for jobs every day

This is the most important step to finding a job, if you don’t apply, you are unlikely to find a job. You need to apply every day until you find a job because you are never sure which one will become yours. Plan a time in your day even if it’s just 30 minutes and make sure you apply for at least one job.

Register your CV online

It is easier to apply for jobs if you register your CV online, you can easily apply for a job within 1 minute since your CV and cover letter is already online in your profile. Another advantage to having your CV online is that recruiters can also easily search and find you using this information. Visit our website to register your CV, you can also create a LinkedIn profile or visit other recruiters online pages. Reed, monster, JobServe, total jobs, London jobs, cv library, glassdoor, fish4jobs, jobstoday and much more.

Subscribe for jobs notifications

Register for job alerts as much as possible. This is particularly important when you have a busy schedule, the notifications can serve as a reminder. It can also save you time, every time you get notifications you can instantly decide either to apply or ditch.

Learn to how to attend job interviews

If you follow all the above steps, you will definitely be invited for job interviews. Hence, it is important that you prepare for interviews and their techniques. The interview comes in different forms; screening and telephone interviews (sometimes skype or through other video platforms), one-on-one or face-to-face interviews, multiple interviews and much more. Whatever form your interview takes, you must be prepared to be successful. Read my article and learn how to prepare for a job interview here.

Always ask for feedback

Always request feedback from employers when your interview is unsuccessful. This is often overlooked by many job seekers due to disappointment and frustration of not getting the job, but it is very useful, it helps you understand why you’ve failed and how to fix it. Most employers will be more than happy to provide honest feedback.

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